Where does radon gas come from in the basement and rooms and how to remove it

[ad_1] What to do if you suspect the presence of radon gas in your home? Over the past few decades, radon gas has not been the focus of attention for builders and homeowners, but now there is an increasing question of how to deal with high levels of radon in existing homes. We will look […]

≋ Where to hang the air conditioner? • Where is the best place to install air conditioning in an apartment or house

[ad_1] It’s more about where exactly in the apartment to hang the indoor unit of the air conditioner. During the work of our company, we have installed such equipment thousands of times. Based on our own experience, we decided to compile a list of useful tips for you regarding the installation of the air conditioner […]

Where to install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Proper installation of the outdoor unit

[ad_1] The choice of the location of the external unit of the air conditioner is extremely important, because the operation of the entire system depends on it. Therefore, the question of where to put the air conditioner is considered one of the first. The place where you hang the module must be thought out in […]

Installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner • Where is it better to install: recommendations

[ad_1] Installing the indoor unit of an air conditioner is a process that requires care and precision. In order not to make a mistake, you should strictly follow the recommendations prescribed in the operating instructions for the device. Each model of the climate device has its own characteristics and differences: In the number of functions; […]

Where does the wind blow from?

[ad_1] RHOSSSectional duct air conditioner UNTB from RHOSS of horizontal design for concealed installation in suspended ceilings. Height— 29cm LGPlasma air purification filter. Air is passed through the section with a voltage of 4800 V. As a result, all microorganisms die, impurities and odors decompose into harmless components. The fan of this SANYO high-pressure air […]

Where to place the outdoor unit of the air conditioner so as not to spoil the facade of the cottage?

[ad_1] Published 10/30/2018 Article author Vyacheslav Safonov Project Manager, Corporate and Tender Procurement Expert Ask a question to a specialist Even 10 years ago, the most popular solution for air conditioning cottages were not even multi-split systems, when up to 5 indoor units can be installed on 1 outdoor unit, but the most common split […]

Local storm water treatment facilities: where is it used and why?

[ad_1] The lack of a centralized sewage system is a real problem. The solution could be the use of local purification systems that allow reuse of water. In some cases, it can be used for drinking, in others — for domestic needs. It is most convenient to choose local stormwater treatment plants on the site. […]

Where is diethylene glycol used?

[ad_1] Diethylene glycol (DEG) is a light-colored, odorless, viscous substance with a sweet taste. The chemical formula is C4H10O3. This is an antifreeze that is quite common in industry. Ingestion can lead to intoxication with symptoms such as kidney failure and neurological problems. This substance is a highly toxic organic solvent that causes kidney and […]

Where are humidifiers used?

[ad_1] The norms of air humidity for a comfortable stay of a person are 45-60%, depending on the type of activity and personal factors. If, due to sunlight, electric fireplaces, household appliances and the season, the level drops, then air humidifiers are used. Consider briefly what they are and where they are used, which will […]