Description of the siphon with a dry water seal and the difference from the usual

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 3.3k. According to clause 17.11 of SNiP 2.04.01-85*, air conditioning equipment, as well as refrigeration and water heating equipment, must be connected to the sewer system to drain drainage and condensate. Discharge of water in the above systems is carried out irregularly, therefore, to prevent the entry […]

Water fan heater – economic efficiency

[ad_1] In the cold season, it is often necessary to raise the temperature in a residential or non-residential building to a comfortable level. To solve this problem, many people use heat fans and heat guns, since they are able to provide uniform heating of the room in a short time. Unfortunately, behind the efficiency of […]

How to choose the right water heater for your home?

[ad_1] Centralized hot water supply does not exist in all settlements of our country. Installing a water heater is an excellent way out of this situation, but the variety of models and their functionality confuses the consumer. What water heaters are there, which is better, how much water is needed to meet the needs of […]

Furnaces with a water circuit for giving

[ad_1] Today, the variety of heating appliances for the home is very large. These are all kinds of gas, electric and solid fuel boilers and furnaces. They are used both for heating private mansions and in small country country houses. And one of the most convenient for summer cottages are stoves with a water circuit. […]

How to connect the water heater to the water supply (video)?

[ad_1] After purchasing a water heater, an urgent question arises — how to install it? Most likely, you have already chosen the place where it will be located and now you just have to properly install it. To find out how to do this, please see the information below. What tools are required to connect […]

Boiler device: electric, gas, indirect water heater

[ad_1] Sometimes there are interruptions in the supply of hot water. To protect yourself from this, as well as save on its payment, you have to buy boilers. Now you will learn what types of water heaters are, their design differences, the principle of operation, disadvantages and advantages. We will also consider the boiler device. […]

How to clean the boiler (water heater) from scale: instructions and video

[ad_1] In order for the boiler to work for the prescribed period, it is necessary to carry out preventive cleaning from time to time. There are several cleaning methods that differ in complexity and efficiency. We will look at each method for removing plaque and rust. The need for regular cleaning For many metals, water […]

Air conditioner leaking water

[ad_1] In the last decade, an increasing number of houses, apartments and offices have been equipped with air conditioners. Users of climate technology pay attention to the fact that water drips from the device. The technology of the air conditioner is based on the fact that water is taken directly from the air. During operation […]

The best instantaneous water heaters: TOP-13 models

[ad_1] The review presents the best models of instantaneous water heaters. The rating includes gas and electric models, equipment with mechanical and electronic control. The characteristics and features of each device are described separately. The best gas instantaneous water heaters Gas instantaneous water heaters are characterized by compact dimensions and the ability to supply hot […]

The best storage water heaters: rating of 10 models with a description

[ad_1] The review presents the 10 best models of storage water heaters. The parameters and many positive qualities of each model are considered. The rating is based on reviews of satisfied users who are confident in the quality of the equipment. Electrolux EWH 30 Formax – Bestseller The water heater «Electrolux» is an electric storage […]