Industrial humidifiers — from an atomizer to an air washer

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 1.6k. The main purpose of industrial air humidifiers is to create a favorable microclimate by increasing humidity in industrial premises that require it according to hygiene standards or in connection with a certain technological cycle, as well as during the storage of certain materials and raw materials. […]

What is an air washer and how does it work?

[ad_1] What is an air washer and how does it work? An air purifier is an electrical device that improves indoor air quality. It traps solid particles such as dust, pollen or smoke and humidifies the air. If you let it work for a while, you will breathe better at home. The air washer is […]

How to choose an «air washer»?

[ad_1] The indisputable advantage of «air washers» is the natural principle of evaporation. It is on this principle that moisture occurs in wildlife. AT «air washers» drums or discs made of special highly absorbent plastic are used. Rotating, the discs are immersed in a pan of water, and their surface is constantly wetted. Humidification principle […]