Ventilation duct in a brick wall: norms and rules for arrangement

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 16.5k. Air exchange in brick houses is carried out with the help of ventilation ducts mounted from finished pipes in the thickness of the internal walls, or made of bricks. Ventilation shafts are arranged in internal walls and partitions from special ventilation blocks. There are strictly defined […]

Wall mounted dehumidifiers for swimming pools. Features of their application

[ad_1] High levels of humidity in swimming pools are common. But it must be fought, because because of this, the decoration of the room, furniture, and building structures deteriorate. And most importantly, the microclimate is deteriorating. Plus, microbes begin to multiply in the air, which often leads to health problems for pool visitors (or, at […]

Wall fan heater

[ad_1] A fan heater is the best device for quickly heating a room. The principle of its operation is simple — the heating elements increase the temperature of the air, and the fan blades ensure its distribution throughout the room. The main advantage of such devices is fast, almost instantaneous heating of the area. In […]

Wall mounted infrared heater

[ad_1] With the onset of cold weather, there is no issue more relevant than the issue of maintaining heat in houses, apartments and offices. Year after year, all popularity records were beaten by reliable and comfortable oil coolers. But recently, they have been confidently replaced by wall-mounted infrared heaters, which, among other things, also differ […]

Wall Mounted Electric Heater

[ad_1] It’s no secret that with the advent of cold weather, we are simultaneously waiting for the start of the heating season and looking at the bills with apprehension. But, one way or another, and every year the heating season is a little late and so you want to at least slightly additionally heat your […]

What to choose — wall chasing or a special box for the air conditioner route • Features of the drainage hose outlet

[ad_1] The air conditioner consists of two parts — blocks — and is powered by the mains. Modules should not only be correctly positioned and fixed, but also interconnected for correct operation. The line between the indoor and outdoor units consists of copper pipes and interconnecting cables. The drain hose drains condensate from the indoor […]

wall fan

[ad_1] The best and safest way to cool and deodorize a room is with a fan. Household fans differ not only in appearance, but also in dimensions, functionality, performance and, of course, price. Depending on the needs, fans can be installed on the ceiling, wall, in a window opening or on the floor. According to […]

Heater electric wall, oil, infrared

[ad_1] An electric heater is a great way to keep warm in an apartment or house, to wait for the start of the heating season. To make an informed choice, you must first learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different models of this type of household appliances. Types of electric heaters Portable heaters differ […]

Rating of the best electric boilers for the home: floor and wall

[ad_1] Electric boilers are especially relevant in homes without access to a gas main. Manufacturers offer electric boilers with floor and wall installation. Each brand has models designed for different areas — from a small apartment to a cottage with several floors. But what to choose? This rating of electric boilers will help you choose […]

≋ What are the types of interior wall decoration of the house • Which type of wall decoration to choose?

[ad_1] Interior wall decoration is the last step in processing the room. This process is carried out when all the main construction steps are completed: the laying of the ventilation system and other communications has been completed, roofing work has been completed, external walls have been lined, and interior partitions have been installed. The process […]