Air purification from bacteria, viruses, dust and allergens in Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners

[ad_1] The new generation of air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric illustrated cutting-edge science. Air conditioners of this brand purify the air not only from harmful pollutants, but also from microorganisms that provoke the occurrence of various diseases. Bacteria passing through air conditioner filters are destroyed. Viruses under the influence of a specially created magnetic field […]

Daikin air purifiers are effective against viruses

[ad_1] Published 20.08.2021 Article author Anastasia Belousova Project Manager Ask a question to a specialist Research results from the Pasteur Institute in Lille, a renowned research laboratory in France, have confirmed the effectiveness of Daikin air purifying systems in combating the coronavirus as well as the seasonal influenza virus. It has been proven that more […]