Ventilation valves, a panacea for possible problems or an unnecessary device?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 3 min Views 1.4k. The ventilation system is a vital element in the design of almost any building. But contrary to the opinion that ventilation is the channels through which the dwelling is connected to the street, this system is a complex engineering structure, in which there is a large […]

Veox control valves for ventilation systems

[ad_1] Veox is a manufacturer and supplier of control valves for ventilation systems. The main products are: CAV constant flow dampers Variable Air Valves VAV Let’s take a closer look at the products. Constant air flow damper The constant air flow valve, like a conventional throttle valve, is designed to regulate the air flow in […]

What are gate valves and when are they used?

[ad_1] There are many situations where gate valves may be required. But in order to choose them correctly, you need to understand what they are, what they can be used for and what types exist. Wedge gate valves ZKS can be bought online. Below we will talk about what valves are and consider their main […]

Danfoss high pressure pumps and valves set new global standards for humidity and temperature control

[ad_1] The control of humidity and temperature in the room is of great importance for human health and life. At the same time, the humidification process plays an important role in many industrial areas. For example, the reduction of electrostatic surface charge in the “clean rooms” of instrument-making enterprises, where work is carried out with […]