process features, vacuum pump selection

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 2.5k. The installation of an air conditioning system includes several steps that are important to carry out in the right way in order to ensure the long-term functioning of the installed device. Not everyone knows why evacuate the air conditioner, but this is a necessary step during […]

Vacuum heating radiators

[ad_1] In the cold season, you want to return to a warm apartment and feel comfortable. If the problem with additional heating is solved immediately, then we remember about savings and the possibility of heating rooms for less money when bills come. Vacuum heating batteries cannot be called a novelty, but they are not so […]

5 reasons to install a central vacuum cleaner

[ad_1] 1. Revolution of life The central vacuum cleaner is an engineering system at home. The technology of central dust removal was a tectonic shift in the structure of everyday life. With the growth of knowledge about the nature of allergies, the technology of portable vacuum cleaners has gradually exhausted itself. In the field of […]

Vacuum rotary vane pumps

[ad_1] Vacuum rotary vane pumps are actively used in various fields of industry and scientific research (see, for example, They are designed to create a preliminary vacuum in the vacuum system and fore-vacuum pressure at the outlet of high-vacuum pumps. How do they work? The principle of operation is based on the periodic suction […]

Puzer Pro: domestic central vacuum systems

[ad_1] Are you dusting or dusting? Have you noticed myriads of dust particles dancing merrily in a sunbeam after cleaning with an ordinary vacuum cleaner? And the specific smell of «purity»? The main problem is dust. And no matter how much you use a vacuum cleaner and a rag, after a while the “cultural layer” […]