Compressor-condenser unit — device and principle of operation

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 10.8k. The compressor and condenser unit, or KKB, is a climatic equipment that consists of a combination of certain components designed to create a high refrigerant pressure. The device can be used in domestic and industrial air conditioning systems, various split systems and ducted air conditioners. [contents] […]

What is a condensing unit for?

[ad_1] Today we will tell you about the most important element of the air cooling system — the compressor-condensing unit, or KKB. Inside it, the refrigerant liquid is prepared for further evaporation, which is then sent to the heat exchanger. The condensing unit often acts as an important addition to ventilation units equipped with direct […]

Systemair air handling unit with heat recovery

[ad_1] The body of the Systemair Topvex TR03-15 air handling unit consists of insulated panels with chamfered aluminum profiles. The insulated panels as well as the doors of the unit are made of steel sheets, the steel is galvanized, its thickness is 0.9mm, the thickness of the insulating wool is 50mm.The unit body has inspection […]

Overview of supply air conditioners without an external unit

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 5.2k. In some cases, the installation of split systems with two units is not possible, for example, it is impossible to obtain permission to carry out the installation. But this does not mean that you have to give up comfortable conditions. For such situations, there is also […]

Features of connecting the external unit of the air conditioner

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 3 min Views 6.9k. Properly performed power switching of the external unit of the air conditioner is the key to its reliable, safe and long-term operation. But, if you want to use the factory warranty of the manufacturer of climate control equipment, you must use the professional services of licensed […]

Do-it-yourself cleaning of the external unit of the split system

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 3 min Views 11.9k. The maintenance of the outdoor unit of the split system is essential because it is most in contact with dust, flying insects, humidity, precipitation and atmospheric chemicals. If cleaning is ignored, then the condenser and compressor located outside will remain effective for no more than 2-3 […]

Installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Installation of the outdoor unit on the roof, on the balcony

[ad_1] Installation of the external unit of the air conditioner is the most difficult and lengthy stage among other works. The main problem is the inaccessibility of the installation site, which is often located on the facade or side wall of the building. Self-installation of an external unit of a split system will require maximum […]

Air conditioners without outdoor unit

[ad_1] Modern air conditioners appeared on the household appliances market not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity and firmly entered the life of an ordinary consumer. Now their various types are produced, from simple models to various cassette, channel models, inverter-type devices, mobile air conditioners and split systems. In this article, we will consider […]

Where to install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Proper installation of the outdoor unit

[ad_1] The choice of the location of the external unit of the air conditioner is extremely important, because the operation of the entire system depends on it. Therefore, the question of where to put the air conditioner is considered one of the first. The place where you hang the module must be thought out in […]

The difference between an air conditioner, a heat exchanger and an air handling unit

[ad_1] Today, the ventilation equipment market offers various solutions for different types of premises and for solving various problems. Such equipment includes air conditioners, recuperators, air handling units, etc. What’s better? How to distinguish an air conditioner from a heat exchanger and from a supply and exhaust unit? We are experts in this and are […]