Thermostat for underfloor heating

[ad_1] There are many ways to make our home warmer and more comfortable. One of them is the arrangement of a floor heating system, also called a “warm floor”. The underfloor heating system consists of two functional parts: a heating circuit and a thermostat, also called a thermostat. We will talk about the features of […]

Thermostat for underfloor heating — what it is, the principle of operation, what it is used for, features of different types

[ad_1] The currently popular underfloor heating has thermoelements, but the design features prevent them from contacting the air. The temperature in the heated room is monitored by a thermostat for underfloor heating, which helps to control the amount of electricity spent and manage it. What is a floor heating thermostat? The device is a device […]

Duct heaters — advantages of underfloor heating

[ad_1] Usually, when thinking about radiators, most people think of heating devices that are installed on the walls, that is, radiators. However, if this solution does not completely suit the customer, it is worth thinking about underfloor heaters. How do they work and for what interiors are they suitable? Home heating is a critical […]

Infrared underfloor heating — to buy or not?

[ad_1] Warm floors have not been considered a luxury item for a long time, especially infrared ones. After all, the price of infrared film per square meter starts at about 700 rubles. The product itself, until recently, was little tested by the user. A lot of questions arose, such as: how much electricity does a […]

How to choose the right slabs for underfloor heating

[ad_1] Influence of the density of plates for a water-heated floor made of expanded polystyrene on the main physical and technical characteristics of the plates. New requirements for energy efficiency. Passport of energy efficiency of buildings and structures Properties of expanded polystyrene used for the manufacture of slabs for underfloor heating How to tell if […]