Fresh trends

[ad_1] Soler Palau Soler PalauWall fans Silent-100 (Soler Palau) are simply built into the exhaust holes with a diameter of 100mm. Their air performance— up to 100m3/h, power consumption does not exceed 8W/h noise— up to 26.5 dB Elicent exhaust fans: E-Style 100 PRO MHY (a) with humidity control system and innovative Email (b)CataTime-tested X-Mart […]

Trends in the development of multi-zone air conditioning systems

[ad_1] At the beginning 70s years of the last century, the developers of air conditioning systems faced the issue of the possibility of using energy-efficient equipment in buildings of medium and large area. At that time, the most popular and traditional solution for facilities where high cooling capacity was required was air-to-water refrigeration systems, in […]