How to choose a humidifier — traditional, steam, ultrasonic, rating of the best

[ad_1] The question of whether a humidifier is needed in the apartment worries lovers of a healthy lifestyle. The need for such equipment arises from the need to improve the atmosphere in the premises where a person spends a significant part of his life. Poor quality air in the metropolis makes it difficult to breathe, […]

Types of air humidifiers: steam, ultrasonic, traditional

[ad_1] More and more users complain about the microclimate in the apartment. It is not always possible to achieve an increase in the level of humidity by opening windows, that is, natural ventilation of the premises. In addition, many modern heating devices (convectors, heat fans) dry out the air greatly, causing oxygen saturation to drop. […]

Air source heat pump LG Therma V — an alternative to traditional heating systems

[ad_1] Outdoor units Therma V LG Therma V air source heat pump – an alternative to traditional heating systems The Therma V heating system manufactured by LG Electronics, the world’s leading manufacturer of climate control equipment, is now available on the Russian market. The LG Therma V air-to-water heat pump is an alternative to heating […]

How to choose a traditional humidifier?

[ad_1] Among their fellows, traditional humidifiers look quite modest. They do not offer 100% humidity or an additional air purification function, but they are simple and economical. If you need a humidifier that will diligently and reliably perform the main task — to create a comfortable humidity in the room. The principle of cold evaporation […]

Electric fireplace — a modern alternative to a traditional fireplace

[ad_1] What do we think of when we hear the word «fireplace»? Maybe a warm plaid blanket and a cup of fragrant hot tea. Or about peace of mind and relaxation with the warming crackle of firewood in a bright flame… About the purring of a fluffy cat, lazily looking at the sparks dancing in […]