Industrial chillers: what are they and what do they serve?

[ad_1] Chillers are special devices in the range of climate equipment. The name of these machines comes from the English word chillmeaning «cold, cool», and from it you can immediately guess about their purpose. Chillers are special refrigeration units often used in industry, in various industries and wherever there are powerful climate systems that need […]

Dehumidifier and storage of car body parts — how are they related

[ad_1] One of the components of the automotive industry is the storage until the next assembly of body parts and other car parts. The duration of the “waiting” for the components can be long, and in order for them not to deteriorate during this period, it is important to maintain the humidity in the room […]

Industrial dehumidifiers: why are they used in the food industry

[ad_1] Strict observance of sanitary requirements, maintenance of the necessary microclimate during the performance of technical processes, correct operation and absolute serviceability of the equipment used directly affect the profits of the food industry. The heating system, ventilation and air conditioning are responsible for the required microclimatic conditions under which the working employees feel comfortable, […]

Floor convectors — when are they used?

[ad_1] In the image of the ideal home that most people cherish throughout their lives, the important place is usually a beautiful garden and large floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room with built-in doors through which the living room connects to the garden. Consequently, modern building designs often include large glazing that extends to the […]

What are gate valves and when are they used?

[ad_1] There are many situations where gate valves may be required. But in order to choose them correctly, you need to understand what they are, what they can be used for and what types exist. Wedge gate valves ZKS can be bought online. Below we will talk about what valves are and consider their main […]

What are hydraulic modules, and what are they

[ad_1] What is a hydro module Scheme and arrangement of hydraulic modules How to choose a hydro module Where to buy or order hydromodules What is a hydro module The hydromodule (hydraulic module) is an important element of the chiller-fancoil system. It allows the chiller to save energy and makes the operation of the air […]

Destratifiers — what are they, how do they work, why are they needed

[ad_1] The destratifier fan is an air gun without a heating element. The main task of this equipment is to create a concentrated low-speed non-turbulent air flow. The device and principle of operation of the destratifier Advantages Scope of destratifiers How to choose a destratifier Back in school, in physics lessons, we were told that […]

Pumps for the home — what are they, what are they for, what to look for when buying

[ad_1] Pumps are indispensable for providing the house with clean water, draining wastewater, pumping coolant in the heating system, supplying water to the pool, draining basements, etc. — as you can see, the range of their application in everyday life is very wide. What is a pump Pump types Submersible, surface and circulation pumps Electric […]