sequence of works and their features

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 303 Porcelain stoneware is an ideal option for arranging a ventilated facade. The use of this material provides a multiplex effect. After installation, operating costs are significantly reduced, the construction pays off in an average of 6 years, and the resource of the structure increases from 30 […]

Problems with ventilation in an apartment or private house: methods for their elimination

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 10.4k. As a rule, most people do not even know about the presence of a ventilation system in a dwelling until condensation begins to form on the walls, until unpleasant and extraneous odors, colonies of fungi and mold, etc. appear in the apartment. This, far from a […]

Why do the best winemakers install dehumidifiers in their wine cellars?

[ad_1] Delicious fragrant wine is the result of a properly grown vine, its careful processing, the experience and skill of the winemaker and, no doubt, the correctness of the procedure for making the drink. As for the last point, the production process, it must be carried out under certain climatic conditions, in particular, it concerns […]

Wall mounted dehumidifiers for swimming pools. Features of their application

[ad_1] High levels of humidity in swimming pools are common. But it must be fought, because because of this, the decoration of the room, furniture, and building structures deteriorate. And most importantly, the microclimate is deteriorating. Plus, microbes begin to multiply in the air, which often leads to health problems for pool visitors (or, at […]

What are «cold bridges» and how to prevent their appearance during the construction of a house

[ad_1] The terms «temperature bridge», «cold bridge», «thermal bridge» denote a section of the building envelope with reduced thermal resistance. This can be a section of a wall, ceiling, roof, opening perimeter, etc. Quite a lot of heat can leave the house through such sections, and these losses due to cold bridges lead to a […]

CHX fasteners and their features

[ad_1] Installation of communications is impossible without a well-chosen system of fasteners. It is the latter that ensure reliable fixation and normal functioning of any connection scheme. Therefore, it is very important to purchase only high-quality components. Fasteners definitely deserve attention Among them, it is simply impossible not to find a suitable option. CHX […]