Dehumidification technologies

[ad_1] High humidity not only negatively affects the microclimate, but also affects the condition of interior items and things stored in the room. Air dehumidification helps prevent mold, metal corrosion, lowering of the electrical resistance of insulating materials, cracking of walls as a result of freezing moisture, and other negative consequences. Dehumidifiers are used to […]

A new stage in the development of air disinfection technologies

[ad_1] The problem of indoor air disinfection is both old and new at the same time. Until recently, air disinfection was considered the prerogative, first of all, of medical institutions, food industry enterprises, as well as vehicles, especially those engaged in long-distance transportation. However, today there is a departure from this paradigm: the constantly deteriorating […]

The combination of advanced technologies and quality standards in the manufacture of heating radiators

[ad_1] Necessary information about radiators made of aluminum and bimetal By appointment, a radiator is a unit with the help of which a certain space inside a room is heated. By design, as a rule, it consists of several sections, in each of them the coolant circulates. According to the production method, a special aluminum […]