Solid fuel heating boiler

[ad_1] When you need to solve the problem of heating a private house, you first need to decide on the available type of fuel. If it is solid (wood, peat briquettes or coal), then the heating boiler is also needed from what runs on solid fuel. Heat sources in this case are coal, firewood, wood […]

Solid fuel boilers — a solid five

[ad_1] Even if your house is located in the subtropical zone, it needs heating — this is an axiom, because the weather is unpredictable, and no one wants to freeze in their own house. Snow falls even in the Sahara. The most versatile device that will heat your home is a solid fuel boiler. Judge […]

Solid fuel boilers for home heating

[ad_1] Which manufacturer is most often used in the manufacture of boilers? Boilers of Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, German, Polish, Czech companies are represented on the market of equipment for heating and hot water supply. At the same time, some companies are known for their quality, while others for a wide range of products and a […]

5 nuances to be aware of when choosing a solid fuel boiler

[ad_1] In our country, solid fuel boilers are used quite widely, especially in the «forest» regions, where the cost of wood fuel is low. This is a convenient option for heating the house, given some of the nuances that any owner of the boiler should know. The cost of solid fuel Solid fuel boiler needs […]