Silent fan

[ad_1] There is not a single person who would not be familiar with such a device as a fan. Of course, more modern devices pushed them out of the sales market a little, but still, in some cases, they are completely indispensable. Moreover, modern household fans are now silent, and not buzzing annoying devices. Floor […]

Looking for a silent air conditioner

[ad_1] MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC delivers a split system to Russia MSZ-FA 25VA, the minimum noise level of which is 21dBBUT The noise of the indoor unit of the new split system FTKS20CVMB (Daikin) from 22dBBUT MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Notches on the fins(a), balanced(b), with variable pitch blades(c), large diameter(d) impeller, multi-section heat exchanger(e)— attributes of a low-noise […]

Home comfort. Silent sewerage

[ad_1] The word «stress» has firmly entered the lexicon of the modern urban dweller. Stress lies in wait for us everywhere: at work, on the roads, in public places and even at home, surrounded by our closest people. It is impossible to hide from him, to completely protect yourself from meeting with him is unrealistic. […]