Which climate control systems for your home should you choose?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 2.9k. The climate control system for the home implies the integration on one miniature computer (built-in touch panel) of all housing systems: heating, ventilation, temperature and air humidity. Some modern models allow you to control the process from your own smartphone through a special application. [contents] Climate […]

what we know about it • What humidity should be in the room.

[ad_1] Each of us at least once in our lives has come across the concept of air humidity. It’s time to learn more about it. Air humidity is the total amount of water vapor in the air of a certain room or in the entire atmosphere. Humidity is absolute and relative. More about each type […]

What should be the humidity in the apartment

[ad_1] The quality and composition of the air we breathe affects our well-being, performance and health of the body as a whole. It is very important not only to ventilate the living quarters, but also to monitor the level of humidity. Both too dry and too saturated with water vapor have a negative effect. Constant […]

≋ Which air conditioner mode should I choose? • Useful functions: heat, dry, feel

[ad_1] The main purpose of each air conditioner is to cool the air in the room to create the most comfortable microclimate. Most models of climate technology today also provide heating. It is not difficult to choose climate equipment that will help you survive the off-season, when it is already cool outside, and the central […]

How often should ventilation performance be checked?

[ad_1] Few people know that the health of those who are in the room directly depends on the condition and serviceability of ventilation. Inaction, lack of necessary checks and inspections leads to serious consequences. Everyone needs to know about the rules of cleaning and the timing of its implementation. Why check ventilation? Over time, the […]

The main characteristics of water heaters — what you should pay attention to

[ad_1] Water heaters or boilers are devices that allow you to prepare hot water regardless of sources of central hot water supply. Choosing the design of the water heater The choice of water heaters according to the type of connection to the water supply We choose water heaters depending on the internal coating Selecting the […]

Refrigeration and refrigeration equipment — what you should know before choosing

[ad_1] Refrigeration and systems that provide refrigeration are technically the most complex devices in climate technology. The principle of operation of refrigeration machines The main types of refrigeration machines Vapor-compressor refrigeration machines How a vapor compression chiller works How other types of refrigeration machines work Refrigeration classification Characteristics of various types of refrigeration units and […]