Selection and connection of a drainage siphon with a check valve to the sewer

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 4k. Leading the drain hose to the street is the easiest and cheapest way, which is formed during the operation of the air conditioner. But this option can create a lot of problems for the owner of a split system, ranging from a constant puddle under the […]

Sewer system

[ad_1] Internal sewerage Classification Elements Sanitary fixtures and wastewater receivers Piping systems Cleaning devices Waste water outlet Local pumping and treatment plants Outdoor sewerage Internal sewerage — this is a system of engineering devices and structures that provide reception, local treatment and transportation of polluted effluents inside and outside a building or group of buildings […]

Noise-absorbing sewer pipes, Ep-system

[ad_1] Sewer systems just 10 years ago and now are radically different from each other. In the first place for a modern consumer is not only the performance of a direct function by the system, but also additional aspects. In particular, we are talking about noise reduction. This point is especially relevant if communications are […]