How to set the air conditioner to warm air? detailed instructions

[ad_1] Air conditioning has long been an integral device for creating comfortable indoor conditions. It is with his help that people are saved on the hottest summer days. But a very small number of users are aware that this device can be used effectively in the winter. How to set the air conditioner to heat […]

≋ How to turn on the air conditioner for heating • Tips on how to set the heat

[ad_1] When buying an air conditioner in a store, we rely not only on the fact that it will save us from the heat in the room on hot summer days, but also serve as a service for heating it in the cold season. This functional equipment, which has become an integral part of equipping […]

Danfoss high pressure pumps and valves set new global standards for humidity and temperature control

[ad_1] The control of humidity and temperature in the room is of great importance for human health and life. At the same time, the humidification process plays an important role in many industrial areas. For example, the reduction of electrostatic surface charge in the “clean rooms” of instrument-making enterprises, where work is carried out with […]