Septic tank ventilation — the secrets of its competent organization

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 4.2k. The most common facilities for collecting sewage, in places where there is no central sewerage, are septic tanks. Most people think that a septic tank is just a container where sewage flows. In fact, this is a rather complex structure, the correct construction of which requires […]

What is a septic tank

[ad_1] Septic tank Aquatech 5M Often, owners of country houses or cottages are faced with a delicate problem — the need to dispose of wastewater generated as a result of economic activities on the site, hygiene procedures, washing dishes, and so on. Unfortunately, inclusion in the centralized sewerage system, as well as water supply, is […]

Septic tank TOPAZ

[ad_1] The TOPAS autonomous sewage system is a high-quality septic tank, which has collected many advantages and is characterized by reliability, convenience, ease of maintenance, and a high degree of cleaning. The station deserves special attention due to a significant increase in efficiency, weight reduction and a new electrical part. Many innovative engineering solutions assembled […]

Septic tank for a country house: safety is paramount!

[ad_1] Water quality plays a very important role in maintaining health. Of course, not every family can afford to live in ecologically clean regions or connect to a centralized sewerage system. However, it is quite possible to improve your conditions. This can be achieved simply by purchasing a septic tank — a local wastewater treatment […]