When does it make sense to replace your air conditioner with a new one?

[ad_1] Comfortable microclimatic indicators in a house, apartment, office are the basis for well-being, proper rest and productive work. If the room temperature is low or high, the air is dry or too humid, the body will spend its resources on adapting to the internal environment. As a result, a person will feel tired, headache, […]

How to equip a modern bedroom with sense and what needs to be provided in the bedroom

[ad_1] To maintain the health of the nervous system and the whole body, good sleep is of great importance. This is not about the duration of rest at night, but about its quality. The lack of normal conditions for the recovery of the body after the end of the working day negatively affects the well-being. […]

Does it make sense to use industrial air conditioners?

[ad_1] Published 04.12.2020 Article author Timofey Vorobyov Lead engineer, expert in dehumidification, humidification, air conditioning and ventilation systems Ask a question to a specialist Industrial air conditioners differ from domestic air conditioners not only in the area of ​​application. We are talking about large-sized devices for large rooms, complex installation, individual settings for the existing […]