Thermal curtains of different brands: a comparative review

[ad_1] Each manufacturer brings something different to the design, so thermal curtains from different companies have their strengths and weaknesses. Taking into account these features will help not to overpay and purchase a device that will be most effective for the selected room. In this article we will try to figure out which brand — […]

rating of TOP 10 models of 2021, review, pros and cons, as well as characteristics

[ad_1] The dehumidifier is a new step in the field of climatic equipment. Functional device installed in the house allows you to get rid of excess air humidity in a short period of timewithout wasting a lot of energy or energy. When choosing a home assistant, you should pay attention to models from trusted manufacturers […]

review of popular brands — online store of professional air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems

[ad_1] The climate system for a house or cottage makes it easy to set the optimal microclimate parameters. It is represented by a complex of electronic and electronic-mechanical equipment, including ventilation, air conditioning, humidification, air dehumidification, and heating devices. All of them are combined into a single control system, with which you can control the […]

≋ Video review of air conditioners Daikin Ururu Sarara • Quality air conditioners Daikin

[ad_1] 10 photos and 3 videos Air conditioner split system Daikin Ururu Sarara FTXZ25N/RXZ25N In stock Show price freon type: R-32 | Area, m²: 21-27 | Compressor type: inverter | Indoor unit type: wall | Heating power, kW: 3.60 | Min. heating temperature, °C: -twenty | 10 photos and 3 videos Air conditioner split system […]

≋ Video review of quality air conditioner Fujitsu Deluxe Slide Inverter • Learn more about it

[ad_1] 4 photos and 3 videos Fujitsu split system air conditioner ASYG09LTCB/AOYG09LTCN Not available Show price freon type: R-410A | Area, m²: 21-27 | Compressor type: inverter | Indoor unit type: wall | Heating power, kW: 3.20 | Cooling power, kW: 2.50 | Min. heating temperature, °C: -25 | 4 photos and 3 videos Air […]

Daikin MCK75JVM-K Air Purifier and Humidifier Review

[ad_1] KKK — Quality Climate Combine It has already been proven that modern air purifiers reduce the likelihood of respiratory diseases, but today this is not enough for a sophisticated buyer, so manufacturers of climate gadgets generously endow their offspring with additional functions. Let’s see if this is justified, using the example of the popular […]

Review: remove the air conditioner from the facade!

[ad_1] The authorities of Russian cities are increasingly paying close attention to the appearance of streets, avenues and courtyards of settlements. Illegal buildings are being removed, flowerbeds are broken, facades are being restored. Split-system air conditioners did not go unnoticed either, the outdoor units of which often change the appearance of the building, and not […]