A little about the ventilation of residential premises

[ad_1] In ventilation systems for various types of premises (apartments and houses, cottages, hotels, offices, etc.) the same method of air flow distribution is used. The essence of this principle lies in the fact that air is supplied to the area where people work and rest, and hoods are installed in areas with a high […]

How high-temperature boilers help save on boiler houses in residential buildings

[ad_1] The pace of construction of finished housing in Russia has fallen to historic lows. The reasons lie on the surface: the coronavirus crisis, the decline in incomes of the population. In order not to raise the cost per square meter, developers are looking for ways to save money. The same question arises before the […]

Choosing a ventilation and air conditioning system for residential premises

[ad_1] This material is not for professionals. Issues of ventilation and air conditioning in residential premises have been elaborated in sufficient detail both in the regulatory and methodological literature. Specialists in the field of ventilation and air conditioning, receiving appropriate education, study these issues among the first and consider them the easiest (however, in my […]