Explosion Proof Fans, Key Reliability Standards in Hazardous Areas

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 2.7k. Fans are electrical equipment used to move the air in a given direction and create a pressure difference at the inlet and outlet of the ventilation system. Ventilation systems — a set of ventilation installations and pipelines designed to service premises for various purposes. Depending on […]

Cerberus PRO — reliability and confidence in fire safety

[ad_1] Based on its extensive experience in the field of fire safety systems, the Building Automation and Safety Department (I BT) of Siemens introduces a new intelligent fire safety system in 2010 Cerberus PRO (FS720). The latest FS720 system includes a full range of highly reliable and innovative products. Great opportunities in fire detection and […]

LG MULTI V in the hotel: economy, reliability, flexibility

[ad_1] Taebaek High City Hotel 5* Korea System installed MULTI V Sync A few years ago, the presence of air conditioning in the room was an attribute of only high-class hotels: 4 stars and above. Simpler hotels, located in areas with a temperate climate, were at best equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation. Economy class […]