5 reasons for poor natural ventilation in the apartment

[ad_1] Wall ventilator SIEGENIA. Photo: SIEGENIA In most multi-apartment buildings of old and new buildings, only natural ventilation (exhaust) is provided: a main ventilation duct-riser runs vertically through the entire house, to which channels from individual apartments are connected. Such a system is simple and cheap device, but it has many vulnerabilities. one Sealed windows […]

5 reasons to install a central vacuum cleaner

[ad_1] 1. Revolution of life The central vacuum cleaner is an engineering system at home. The technology of central dust removal was a tectonic shift in the structure of everyday life. With the growth of knowledge about the nature of allergies, the technology of portable vacuum cleaners has gradually exhausted itself. In the field of […]

Top 5 Reasons to Buy an Inverter Air Conditioner

[ad_1] The debate about which air conditioner is better — inverter or conventional — has not subsided in recent years. The situation today is somewhat reminiscent of the one that has developed in the phone market, when mobile devices began to massively replace the usual, stationary ones. Skeptics at that time also doubted that the […]