Reasonable ventilation

[ad_1] a b in Protective outer visor AC (a) and window air inlets EHA2 (b) and EMM (c) (all -Aereco) One of the smallest devices — rebate ventilator Aeromat mini (Siegenia-Aubi), mounted horizontally or vertically on the window frame. Performance — until 6m3/h a b The Aeromat 150 (Siegenia-Aubi) (a) window ventilator using electric «traction» […]

Reasonable ventilation — what is it?

[ad_1] If you see the slogan «Reasonable ventilation» on the technical materials, booklets and catalogs of the French company AEREKO, do not think that this is just an advertising bait. This slogan reflects the essence of the company’s technical policy and the main feature of the ventilation equipment it produces. AEREKO was founded in 1983 […]