Do-it-yourself air conditioning: myth or reality?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 9.3k. Almost all hand-made air conditioners use the principle of surface cooling when water evaporates. If you blow a wet cloth, then evaporating, it will cool the surface of the material, and it will cool the air, which is around at a very short distance. This principle […]

Personal portable air conditioner: expectation and reality

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 14.1k. One of the most popular types of climate control equipment are portable (portable, mobile) air conditioners. The demand for this product is quite large among our compatriots. There are several reasons for this: The notorious housing problem. Many young families do not have their own living […]

Air conditioners: myths and reality

[ad_1] HITACHI Utopia split system outdoor unit SANYO wall-mounted indoor unit TOSHIBA mobile monoblock air conditioner Cassette air conditioner of the Colorado series by AIRWELL HITACHI Utopia Cassette Air Conditioner HITACHI Utopia Ceiling Mounted Air Conditioner SANYO Ceiling Air Conditioner HITACHI Utopia Series Floor Standing Column Type Air Conditioner SANYO column split system Floor-ceiling split […]

Waste oil heating: myths and reality

[ad_1] used oil — this is hydraulic, transmission, transformer oil used for its intended purpose; vegetable oil. Misconception: used oil (hereinafter referred to as OM) is unsuitable for further use, it is subject to immediate disposal or recycling.Reality: OM is an excellent high-calorie fuel. There are many companies in the world that produce waste oil […]

Air heating systems: history and reality

[ad_1] The Great Soviet Encyclopedia defines air heating as a system of space heating with hot air. The history of air heating goes back thousands of years. At the end of the 1st century BC. e. Roman architect and engineer Vitruvius described in detail the air heating system that was widespread in ancient Rome. It […]

Hydrogen boiler — myths, reality and prospects

[ad_1] A hydrogen boiler is a home heating device that uses hydrogen gas as fuel. Since this gas is not found in nature in its pure form, hydrogen boilers are equipped with a special device for generating hydrogen from distilled water.. The myth that a hydrogen boiler is the most economical way to heat a […]