Vacuum heating radiators

[ad_1] In the cold season, you want to return to a warm apartment and feel comfortable. If the problem with additional heating is solved immediately, then we remember about savings and the possibility of heating rooms for less money when bills come. Vacuum heating batteries cannot be called a novelty, but they are not so […]

Steel panel heating radiators

[ad_1] In heating private houses, dachas, cottages, steel panel heating radiators have become one of the most popular types of batteries, since their use requires an autonomous heating system. The main characteristics of steel heating radiators are high heat transfer, affordable price, a large selection of sizes and capacities, and a neat design. Design and […]

Screens for heating radiators

[ad_1] Screens for heating radiators will perfectly ennoble your batteries, moreover, adding style to the design of your apartment. Of course, if you make the right choice among all the screens that the modern market offers us. Most often they buy screens for cast-iron radiators, which look, to put it mildly, not very stylish and […]

Vertical radiators

[ad_1] In winter, the topic of heating always remains relevant. Fortunately, our market offers a lot of solutions, including in the form of vertical heating radiators. The designers did a great job, thanks to them, at the moment we can choose vertical radiators of any kind, shape and color. Let’s briefly go over the main […]

How to choose heating radiators?

[ad_1] When choosing a radiator, first of all, one should start from the size of the room, the desired heat transfer and the requirements for the type of heating at home (centralized or individual). Which heating radiator to choose? Before you go to a specialized store, you should clarify some points. These include the operating […]

Aluminum or bimetallic radiators: pros and cons

[ad_1] The choice of materials and components for construction is huge, and it is difficult for a person who has never done repairs on his own to make the right choice. In this article, we will analyze in detail the properties of radiators popular among buyers: aluminum and bimetallic, briefly reviewing the design and characteristics […]

The combination of advanced technologies and quality standards in the manufacture of heating radiators

[ad_1] Necessary information about radiators made of aluminum and bimetal By appointment, a radiator is a unit with the help of which a certain space inside a room is heated. By design, as a rule, it consists of several sections, in each of them the coolant circulates. According to the production method, a special aluminum […]