Kitchen Air Purifiers

[ad_1] GORENJE KRONA GORENJE GORENJEThe island hood is designed for the stove located in the center of the kitchen Models GAGGENAU work both in the circulation mode and in the air outlet mode Wall-mounted kitchen air cleaner Doraj from KRONA with a metal filter, $369 KRONA Scarlett hood with halogen lighting and touch controls, $425 […]

Air purifiers and smoke traps

[ad_1] Architects A. Zelenskaya, G. Dmitrieva Photo by V. Nefedov Air purifiers with photocatalytic filters: a— «Luch-60»; b— «Ray» («NPO «LUCH») Photocatalyst- The Nanolux air purifier, developed by IPHF, purifies the air from any molecular organic contaminants Air purifier 3SK-AC0304B (AIRCOMFORT) with seven cleaning stages: a-ionizer; b-ion sterilizer; in-antibacterial- ny filter; g-air filter; d-biophotocatalyst- chesky […]

Daikin air purifiers are effective against viruses

[ad_1] Published 20.08.2021 Article author Anastasia Belousova Project Manager Ask a question to a specialist Research results from the Pasteur Institute in Lille, a renowned research laboratory in France, have confirmed the effectiveness of Daikin air purifying systems in combating the coronavirus as well as the seasonal influenza virus. It has been proven that more […]

What are air purifiers

[ad_1] Air cleaners are made in the form of floor (desktop) and suspended devices. Some models specifically designed for ceiling mounting are mainly designed to neutralize volatile pollutants such as tobacco smoke. They don’t do well with house dust. A typical air cleaner consists of fan and set filters on which particles of air pollutants […]

Air purifiers in questions and answers

[ad_1] How many air purifiers will need to be installed in a 300 m² room? Modern manufacturers offer a huge selection of air purifiers, including those that can effectively purify and disinfect the air in an area of ​​up to 500 m². Thus, for a room of 300 squares, you can buy an air cleaner […]