Do you need air conditioning in the children’s room with humidification and air purification?

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 3.6k. Do I need air conditioning in the children’s room — parents and doctors, teachers and psychologists argue about this. The main argument of opponents of installing this device in a nursery is the risk of colds in a child. About whether it is worth introducing the […]

Air purification from bacteria, viruses, dust and allergens in Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners

[ad_1] The new generation of air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric illustrated cutting-edge science. Air conditioners of this brand purify the air not only from harmful pollutants, but also from microorganisms that provoke the occurrence of various diseases. Bacteria passing through air conditioner filters are destroyed. Viruses under the influence of a specially created magnetic field […]

Air filtration and purification systems

[ad_1] Photo: Legion-Media Clean air is an integral part of a comfortable life. Our mood, well-being, and ultimately health depend on its quality. Even if we do not take into account extreme cases, such as fires in the summer of 2010, due to which there was suffocating smog in many regions of Russia, air pollution […]

Air purification in the enterprise and the choice of dust cleaning device

[ad_1] Purification of air from dust in order to reduce the content of dust particles in it is a difficult but necessary task in modern conditions. The solution to this problem depends primarily on the correct choice of the dust cleaning system and the qualified operation of the dust cleaning devices. Why do you need […]