How to properly ventilate a cottage

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 7 min Views 3.5k. More and more urban residents are moving to live outside the city, rebuilding their own country houses and cottages. And the point is not at all that a person needs unity with nature. A typical resident of a metropolis is much more accustomed to unity with […]

How to properly use flexible ducts for ventilation systems

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 2.5k. For arranging small ventilation of a private house or for creating an extensive ventilation system, flexible air ducts are widely used. They are made from polymer-coated aluminum tape and can be reinforced with a wire frame. In addition, flexible air ducts for ventilation systems can be […]

The best way to properly store leather goods

[ad_1] Leather products in the process of storage after their production, due to the uncontrolled microclimate of the room, can be seriously damaged, which ultimately will render the products unusable. In our today’s article, you will learn how to independently and correctly stop all potential processes of deterioration of leather products during storage without spending […]

How to properly store military equipment

[ad_1] The appearance of corrosion on military equipment and equipment, a decrease in the service life, an increase in the cost of servicing devices, all this is a consequence of the uncontrolled microclimate in the places of conservation of military equipment. Because of what, one should ask the question of what methods can eliminate all […]

How to properly turn on the gas column and use it

[ad_1] A geyser in many homes is the only way to get hot water. Despite the obvious simplicity of the design, some users have questions about how to properly turn on and operate the geyser. Consider the nuances of the safe use of the unit. Brief introduction to the device One of the most common […]

≋ How to properly clean the air conditioner on your own • Recommendations from professionals

[ad_1] Preventive cleaning of the air conditioner will help extend its life, as well as provide comfortable conditions for a person. Often, due to the large amount of accumulated dust inside the unit, cooling the air, the device provokes an unpleasant odor, or it starts to consume more electricity. Sometimes it seems that the air […]

How to properly design a ventilation system?

[ad_1] The arrangement of ventilation allows the movement of air both indoors and with the environment, ensuring the elimination of fumes, odors, various contaminants, carbon dioxide and other substances. At the same time, in small rooms it is enough to organize natural ventilation, and for buildings with a large number of separate rooms, ventilation system […]