Proper installation of wall-mounted fan coil units: features and nuances

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 4k. Due to the restrictions on the volume of premises and the length of the freon line, characteristic of split systems, the demand from our compatriots for the installation of fan coil units in residential and commercial premises has significantly increased. Regardless of the version, wall-mounted, floor-mounted […]

Desiccant dryer — for proper storage of grain

[ad_1] One of the main rules for long-term grain storage is active ventilation. Through this technology, degassing / gassing, heating / cooling and drying of products are performed. But, as practice shows, this method does not give the expected results. For example, according to the requirements approved for grain storage, to dry it, it is […]

Proper operation of the ventilation and air conditioning system

[ad_1] Why does the microclimate in a residential or industrial premises need constant monitoring, and what consequences can an uncontrolled microclimate lead to? How can the premises be provided with an optimal microclimate? How to save on equipment in the process of microclimate normalization? In our article you will find answers to all of the […]

Outfitting and technical rooms: proper dehumidification

[ad_1] One of the main conditions for the correct and safe work of rescue and fire brigades is high-quality protective equipment and 100% serviceability of functioning equipment. Fire pipes, hoses and protective suits must be absolutely tight. And bolt cutters, expanders, gas torches, headlamps, high efficiency fans and other technical equipment are in perfect condition. […]

Where to install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Proper installation of the outdoor unit

[ad_1] The choice of the location of the external unit of the air conditioner is extremely important, because the operation of the entire system depends on it. Therefore, the question of where to put the air conditioner is considered one of the first. The place where you hang the module must be thought out in […]

Proper ventilation: how to make a hood in a private house with your own hands

[ad_1] Ventilation in a country cottage: Technical regulations For garden houses For IZHS Calculation and installation rules For non-residential buildings For cottages Forced systems From time immemorial, houses were built without ventilation. It was important to wall up all the cracks through which drafts, dampness, rodents and insects could leak. In our twenty-first century, we […]

Proper ventilation at home — why is it so important?

[ad_1] Every home should be equipped with thoughtful ventilation. It provides an air flow that removes excess carbon dioxide from the room and supplies the necessary amount of fresh air. Your health and well-being depend on efficient ventilation. This should be remembered when building or repairing a house. Why is ventilation so important? A constant […]