BT PRO LIMITED EDITION 2020 — the cheapest inverter air conditioners MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC

[ad_1] Published 06/15/2020 Article author Anastasia Belousova Project Manager Ask a question to a specialist A wide range of products of the famous brand MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC has been replenished with a new series of inverted split systems — BT Pro Limited Edition. The main difference between the samples of manufactured products is high performance and […]

Cerberus PRO — reliability and confidence in fire safety

[ad_1] Based on its extensive experience in the field of fire safety systems, the Building Automation and Safety Department (I BT) of Siemens introduces a new intelligent fire safety system in 2010 Cerberus PRO (FS720). The latest FS720 system includes a full range of highly reliable and innovative products. Great opportunities in fire detection and […]

Puzer Pro: domestic central vacuum systems

[ad_1] Are you dusting or dusting? Have you noticed myriads of dust particles dancing merrily in a sunbeam after cleaning with an ordinary vacuum cleaner? And the specific smell of «purity»? The main problem is dust. And no matter how much you use a vacuum cleaner and a rag, after a while the “cultural layer” […]

Metal-plastic pipes Pro Aqua RBM-Tita-Fix

[ad_1] The Egoplast company presents to your attention metal-plastic pipes Pro Aqua RBM-Tita-Fix, made in Italy. The main feature of RBM-Tita-Fix pipes is the technology of joining the aluminum layer with an overlap using ultrasound. This is an advanced technology that allows you to get the most reliable, but at the same time light and […]