Deflector for ventilation pipes: purpose and principle of operation

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 3 min Views 2.6k. Installation of ventilation systems with natural induction in a city apartment or a country house is today recognized as a convenient and profitable option for successful indoor air exchange. One of the disadvantages of such an air exchange system is the decrease in the quality of […]

Compressor-condenser unit — device and principle of operation

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 10.8k. The compressor and condenser unit, or KKB, is a climatic equipment that consists of a combination of certain components designed to create a high refrigerant pressure. The device can be used in domestic and industrial air conditioning systems, various split systems and ducted air conditioners. [contents] […]

What is the principle of operation of an air dryer?

[ad_1] adsorption dryer. Air is drawn in by a fan into the equipment. Excess moisture is retained in the upper layers of the fiberglass-based adsorbent, and the air stream is returned to the room. This type of equipment allows you to dry the air masses without cooling. Adsorption plants are suitable for operation in rooms […]

What is the working principle of an air dryer?

[ad_1] Air dehumidification is the process of removing excess moisture from it. Relevant for residential premises, garages, basements, pools and other premises. In bringing humidity to a given norm, the main link is a device specially created for this purpose — an air dryer. According to the principle of operation, dehumidifiers are divided into three […]

The principle of operation of the air conditioner

[ad_1] The most effective way to save yourself from the heat in summer, and to warm up indoors in winter is a household air conditioner, but many, not knowing how it works, do not buy it, because they are not sure of the ability of this device to create climatic conditions comfortable for human life […]

The principle of operation of the split system

[ad_1] In the modern world, the air conditioning system has long been no longer a luxury item, but quite the contrary, it has moved into the category of household essentials. Thanks to its high functionality, the air conditioner creates the most favorable climatic conditions for people’s health indoors. What is a split air conditioner? A […]

The principle of operation of the air conditioner: split system, mobile, window, floor, without air duct

[ad_1] Air conditioners have long been a part of our lives, but the principles of operation and devices are not always clear, and the variety of models is very large — floor, mobile, window, inverter. To deal with this issue, your attention is invited to an overview of similar devices for various purposes with a […]

Humidifier with an ionizer for home: principle of operation, functions

[ad_1] Ionization, purification and humidification of air in residential and other premises is a real necessity, due to the large number of harmful substances that enter the air from the environment. Let’s figure out what air humidifiers are, what their functionality is, and how to use them. What is air ionization and why is it […]

How is the air conditioner? We reveal the principle of its work

[ad_1] Not everyone knows that the invention of the air conditioner was not specifically planned. This product «was born» by experiment. In 1902, Willis Herrier worked on a drying machine to save the printing business. And as a result, he became the founder of the fact that at the moment mankind uses air conditioners for […]