causes of oxidation and prevention options

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 8 min Views 8.5k. Probably, there is no such person in the world who, one way or another, faced with the installation of an air conditioner, did not wonder why only copper, and far from the cheapest pipes, are used to create a freon circuit. Why not use, for example, […]

Dehumidifier and mold prevention

[ad_1] High humidity causes a lot of trouble for a person. Common is the appearance of mold on the ceiling, walls and in the corners of rooms. The most rational way to eliminate this problem is to install an air dryer. When mold appears in a room Mold is a microorganism. Their development requires special […]

Home climate prevention

[ad_1] To change the filters, you will need to carefully lift (orremove) the front panel of the indoor unit The replaceable filter for coarse air purification is a fine mesh and can be easily dismantled. The procedure for removing air and electricalstatic filters Tape heating element helps to provide a «warm» crankcase of the compressor […]

How to recognize allergic hay fever: symptoms and prevention

[ad_1] hay fever called an allergic reaction of the body to plant pollen carried around the city by the wind during the flowering season. «Hay fever» as they call it hay fever among the people, suffers today more than 15% of the inhabitants of the globe. It is believed that the disease is seasonal, but […]