review of popular brands — online store of professional air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems

[ad_1] The climate system for a house or cottage makes it easy to set the optimal microclimate parameters. It is represented by a complex of electronic and electronic-mechanical equipment, including ventilation, air conditioning, humidification, air dehumidification, and heating devices. All of them are combined into a single control system, with which you can control the […]

Air ionizer for a newborn: choice, characteristics and popular models

[ad_1] An ionizer is a device for saturating oxygen with ions. As a result of ionization, the air in the room becomes fresh, as, for example, by the sea or in the forest. In an urban environment, a rather small production of ions is observed, but their amount can be replenished at home with the […]

Tobacco smoke air purifier: types, principle of operation, popular models

[ad_1] The premises often accumulate a lot of harmful substances and unpleasant odors. Particular attention should be paid to tobacco smoke, which is present in the apartment, even if there are no smokers in the family. A special air purifier, designed specifically for this purpose, helps to cope with the misfortune. The essence of the […]

Air dehumidifier for the pool: types, parameters, principle of operation, popular models

[ad_1] High humidity is a “painful” problem of rooms with swimming pools, the cause of which is intensive evaporation. To solve it, there is an air dryer — a set of freon units assembled in one housing, the purpose of which is to extract moisture from the air masses and maintain its optimal level. Purpose […]