Outdoor gas heater

[ad_1] Just a few decades ago, one could only dream that in the cool season it would be possible to relax on the street in warmth and comfort. But with the invention of outdoor gas heaters, everything has changed, and we are no longer surprised by the tempting opportunity to have a family picnic in […]

Installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Installation of the outdoor unit on the roof, on the balcony

[ad_1] Installation of the external unit of the air conditioner is the most difficult and lengthy stage among other works. The main problem is the inaccessibility of the installation site, which is often located on the facade or side wall of the building. Self-installation of an external unit of a split system will require maximum […]

Air conditioners without outdoor unit

[ad_1] Modern air conditioners appeared on the household appliances market not so long ago, but quickly gained popularity and firmly entered the life of an ordinary consumer. Now their various types are produced, from simple models to various cassette, channel models, inverter-type devices, mobile air conditioners and split systems. In this article, we will consider […]

Where to install the outdoor unit of the air conditioner • Proper installation of the outdoor unit

[ad_1] The choice of the location of the external unit of the air conditioner is extremely important, because the operation of the entire system depends on it. Therefore, the question of where to put the air conditioner is considered one of the first. The place where you hang the module must be thought out in […]

Where to place the outdoor unit of the air conditioner so as not to spoil the facade of the cottage?

[ad_1] Published 10/30/2018 Article author Vyacheslav Safonov Project Manager, Corporate and Tender Procurement Expert Ask a question to a specialist Even 10 years ago, the most popular solution for air conditioning cottages were not even multi-split systems, when up to 5 indoor units can be installed on 1 outdoor unit, but the most common split […]

Outdoor units leave the facades

[ad_1] Until recently, with the word «air conditioner», you could imagine a lot of gray boxes on the facades. But recently, more and more often, city authorities have issued regulations strictly regulating the placement of outdoor units of air conditioners on the facades of houses, many HOAs generally prohibit placing units on facades. What should […]