How to organize the ventilation of premises with swimming pools

[ad_1] For obvious reasons, swimming pool areas require a special approach in terms of design, selection of equipment and installation of an air ventilation system. However, the pool dehumidifier itself is far from the only measure that can be taken. Unfortunately, there are far from isolated cases of resonant litigation on the claims of citizens […]

How to organize ventilation in a wooden house?

[ad_1] Ventilation plays an incredibly important role in the fate of any modern building, including a house built of wood. In the latter case, ventilation will have its own features that are directly related to the specifics of the tree. It is important to mount and design air exchange even at the initial stages of […]

Ways to organize supply ventilation

[ad_1] Forced ventilation is important both for private housing and for mass crowded places (offices, shopping centers, enterprises, factories, hotels). Depending on the place of operation, the methods of organizing supply ventilation also differ. They can be ducted (with distribution of highways along corridors and rooms and a single serviced unit) and non-ducted (each device […]