How to minimize costs when choosing and operating an air curtain

[ad_1] When arranging their home or public institution, many seek to save money. The air curtain can also cost less than expected. Of course, you can carefully study the market for climate equipment and find an air curtain at a low price. There are also many tricks to reduce electricity bills. But the most reliable […]

Humidity and temperature regime in hospitals and operating rooms

[ad_1] Content: Consequences of violation of regulatory requirements for the temperature regime and humidity level in medical institutions What temperature should be in medical facilities What should be the humidity in the operating room What should be the humidity of the air in the laboratory Air dryers for humidity control in medical institutions Medical institutions, […]

Operating room and hospital — how to maintain a moisture-temperature regime

[ad_1] Hospitals, especially operating theaters, as well as other medical institutions, are premises where the microclimate must be maintained strictly within the established norms, including humidity requirements. Indeed, the physical and emotional well-being of the surgeon himself, his assistants, and the patient directly depends on the amount of moisture in the atmosphere of the operating […]

Air conditioner operating modes: cooling, heating and something else

[ad_1] Published 07/18/2022 Article author Sergey Popov Project manager, specialist in ventilation and air conditioning systems Ask a question to a specialist Content: Cooling Heating dehumidification Ventilation and filtration Night mode What else you need to know for a successful choice of air conditioner Speaking of domestic air conditioners, many people immediately remember the invigorating […]

How to choose a precision operating room air conditioner

[ad_1] Air cooling systems in medical premises are subject to special requirements to maintain the specified values ​​of cleanliness, humidity and air temperature. The main functions of medical air conditioners for operating rooms are the removal of polluted air from the room, the supply of fresh air and its preparation in terms of temperature and […]