Proper installation of wall-mounted fan coil units: features and nuances

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 5 minutes Views 4k. Due to the restrictions on the volume of premises and the length of the freon line, characteristic of split systems, the demand from our compatriots for the installation of fan coil units in residential and commercial premises has significantly increased. Regardless of the version, wall-mounted, floor-mounted […]

The microclimate inside the bomb shelter: filtration, dehumidification and additional nuances

[ad_1] Why are bomb shelters needed? In order to ensure reliable protection in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction, the emergence of a military situation, a natural disaster or other catastrophe that threatens people’s lives. What exactly does this building protect against: various poisonous substances (bacterial / chemical); light radiation or […]

5 nuances to be aware of when choosing a solid fuel boiler

[ad_1] In our country, solid fuel boilers are used quite widely, especially in the «forest» regions, where the cost of wood fuel is low. This is a convenient option for heating the house, given some of the nuances that any owner of the boiler should know. The cost of solid fuel Solid fuel boiler needs […]