Noise at night from ventilation..

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 1 minute Views 101 I live in an apartment building… (on the top floor…) a house built approximately in 1960… From January 2017 at night, low-frequency noise (or high-frequency) noise always starts… I noticed with a sound level meter (downloaded to the phone) = 83db reaches sometimes, sometimes quieter, but […]

Noise in the ventilation system and methods for its elimination

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 51.8k. The ventilation system plays an important role in creating a comfortable microclimate in our homes. But the mistakes made and miscalculations in the creation of the ventilation system, the use of not the most suitable equipment and materials, make ventilation in our apartments a source of […]

≋ Why is the air conditioner noisy? • The main causes of air conditioner noise

[ad_1] The noise level is one of the characteristics that can significantly affect the choice of a domestic air conditioner. The noise level of the air conditioner is measured in decibels, where 0 dB is taken as the starting point of the hearing threshold. Noises and sounds up to 20 dB are practically indistinguishable for […]

Just no noise!

[ad_1] Getty/FOTObank Photo by D.Minkin Photo by D.Minkin All noisy equipment and main air ducts of the ventilation system should, if possible, be located outside rooms with increased noise requirements (such as bedrooms, offices)(a,b). The sections of the ventilation network leading to them are made of flexible noise-absorbing air ducts of circular cross section.(in,G) DIAFLEX […]

«No noise and dust», or how to clean your home really clean

[ad_1] Dust is one of the main enemies of the health of people in enclosed spaces. Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely solve the problem of dust in an ordinary house. But there is a way to minimize its impact — this is a built-in (centralized) dust removal system. Why you need an integrated dust […]