LG sets new heights with MULTI V III in commercial air conditioning in the European market

[ad_1] The company aims to reach US$10 billion in sales by 2014. LG Electronics (LG) today introduced the new Multi V III commercial air conditioning system in Europe, designed for large areas — office complexes, business and shopping centers. The third generation of the popular Multi V series, this new system will be LG’s flagship […]

VRF systems LG Multi V

[ad_1] Variable Refrigerant Rate (VRF) systems are produced by many HVAC manufacturers, but LG, thanks to the traditional Korean approach, has managed to achieve perfection in this. LG household air conditioners, distinguished by reliability, high quality and affordable price, have long gained popularity in our country. Their outdoor units with an easily recognizable logo can […]

MULTI V system: efficient management

[ad_1] We continue a series of publications about how LG Electronics operates in Russia, and, in particular, about the LG MULTI V air conditioning systems supplied to our market. Below we describe a joint project between LG Electronics Commercial Air Conditioning and Delta Controls. One of Delta Controls’ offices has been fitted with LG’s MULTI […]

MULTI V Plus III system: smart and reliable in every way

[ad_1] Multi-zone air conditioning systems with variable refrigerant flow, supplied by LG Electronics to the Russian market under the MULTI V ™ brand, represent a unique combination of high performance, environmental friendliness and economy. The main advantage of the MULTI V system is the state-of-the-art technical solutions underlying it, which provide ease of installation, comfort […]

LG MULTI V in the hotel: economy, reliability, flexibility

[ad_1] Taebaek High City Hotel 5* Korea System installed MULTI V Sync A few years ago, the presence of air conditioning in the room was an attribute of only high-class hotels: 4 stars and above. Simpler hotels, located in areas with a temperate climate, were at best equipped with supply and exhaust ventilation. Economy class […]