How to determine which is more important air conditioning or ventilation?

[ad_1] There are special devices that allow you to check how well the ventilation system works. Such a device is called an anemometer. With it, you can measure what speed the air has in the ventilation duct. Having received such information, it is possible to calculate the number of cubic meters of fresh air passing […]

Drying carpets with desiccant — 2-3 times faster, more efficient and more profitable

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≋ Video review of quality air conditioner Fujitsu Deluxe Slide Inverter • Learn more about it

[ad_1] 4 photos and 3 videos Fujitsu split system air conditioner ASYG09LTCB/AOYG09LTCN Not available Show price freon type: R-410A | Area, m²: 21-27 | Compressor type: inverter | Indoor unit type: wall | Heating power, kW: 3.20 | Cooling power, kW: 2.50 | Min. heating temperature, °C: -25 | 4 photos and 3 videos Air […]

Preparing for installation work on installing an air conditioner • Necessary tools, materials and more

[ad_1] Careful and detailed preparation is the most important step, which will ease the difficulties and allow you to install the air conditioner in the shortest possible time. The first step is to calculate all the details in order to save yourself from unnecessary trips to the store (if there are not enough materials or […]

Chiller or VRF, which is more profitable? Comparison of performance and costs

[ad_1] Published 04.10.2022 Article author Evgeny Bychkov Managing Partner, Industrial Climate Systems Specialist Ask a question to a specialist Content: Performance Layout The main elements of the refrigeration system Exploitation Economy Conclusion The key differences between a VRF and a chiller are in the way thermal energy is transferred. In the first case, heat exchange […]