Moisture absorber or dehumidifier: which really helps

[ad_1] Content: Options for solving the problem of excessive humidity Moisture absorber: principle of operation, pros and cons Air dryers Dehumidifiers for small rooms (apartment, office, basement) with an area of ​​25 to 40 m2: The principle of operation of air dryers What must be remembered when choosing a household device for air drying Moisture […]

Eliminate moisture. Manufacturing of pharmaceutical products

[ad_1] In the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, each enterprise must adhere to all necessary standards and recommendations for maintaining the microclimate of the premises. The indoor climate is a very important component in the manufacturing process of any product, especially when it comes to the production of pharmaceutical products. In this article, we will consider […]

Elimination of moisture during the operation of ice arenas and skating rinks

[ad_1] During operation, ice arenas and skating rinks require due attention from the maintenance personnel, since even the slightest non-compliance with the rules for maintaining these structures and the general microclimate of the room with the skating rink leads to the appearance of a wide variety of reasons for the deterioration of equipment, the quality […]

Getting rid of moisture and corrosion in garages, parking lots

[ad_1] Students of the Swedish National Institute for the Study of the Formation and Effect of Corrosion on Metal have been conducting a scientific study for two years to identify all reactions associated with the effect of corrosion on cars. The goal of scientists was to identify absolutely all possible causes of corrosion on the […]

Dampness in a private house: causes of moisture in the premises and ways to eliminate it

[ad_1] In private houses, as in any other residential premises, it is very important to create and maintain comfortable microclimatic parameters. The air must be warmed up to the optimum temperature and saturated with moisture at the level of 40-60%. It is also important to pay attention to the organization of the ventilation system (according […]

Debunking moisture myths

[ad_1] Often the concept of «humidity» is associated with phenomena that have a negative connotation. In fact, many of our ideas about humidity are erroneous and based on superficial knowledge of what it really is. The purpose of the article is consider the most common «false myths» about humidity, to understand that it is more […]