Modern supply ventilation on the balcony and insulated loggia

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 3.4k. With the advent of double-glazed windows and insulated windows made of PVC material, many owners are faced with the problem of condensation, which not only spoils the surrounding view, but also leads to mold on the profile itself. Many people remember that, according to the laws […]

SALDA ventilation systems with heat recovery — modern equipment for a country house

[ad_1] In the city, there is often neither time nor opportunity to admire nature. That is why many residents of megacities seek to purchase a country house — for recreation or even as a permanent home. But choosing a beautiful and comfortable place, purchasing materials, and finally completing the construction of your home is only […]

Air conditioning in an apartment — how to choose according to modern requirements

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 7 min Views 920 Air conditioning, what could be more commonplace during the winter cold and more useful during the summer heat? If you ask 100 people why the air conditioner is in the apartment, then 90 people will answer that it is to create cold, 9 people will say […]

from folk to modern ways

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 1.1k. To heat their own homes, many residents of our vast, use stoves, boilers, fireplaces and other individual heating devices that run on gas, solid and liquid fuels. Their reliability and performance depend not only on the serviceability and quality of fuel combustion, but also on the […]

What are modern dehumidifiers for an apartment

[ad_1] The comfort of a person’s stay in a room directly depends on the microclimate in it. It affects everything: health, well-being and even mood. And speaking of the microclimate, it means not only temperature indicators, but also air humidity. If the humidity level is higher than normal, this negatively affects health (especially in children). […]

≋ Modern household appliances — enemy No. 1 of home allergies • Why people began to suffer from allergies en masse.

[ad_1] Home allergies have tortured almost everyone. Dust, pollen, poplar fluff, pet hair — the factors that provoke it can be listed for a long time. But now everyone is interested not in this, but in how to deal with it. Is it even possible? Yes, home allergies are afraid of modern household appliances. With […]

Modern ventilation of a kindergarten or nursery

[ad_1] Children’s educational and educational institutions are subject to special requirements in relation to air exchange and ventilation. It is not allowed to have stagnant air in the premises — it affects the health and well-being of people (both pupils and employees). It is clean, air with optimal temperature and humidity indicators that allows you […]

How to equip a modern bedroom with sense and what needs to be provided in the bedroom

[ad_1] To maintain the health of the nervous system and the whole body, good sleep is of great importance. This is not about the duration of rest at night, but about its quality. The lack of normal conditions for the recovery of the body after the end of the working day negatively affects the well-being. […]

What is a modern house like? Top engineering solutions for a private house or cottage

[ad_1] Today, residents of private homes do not have to compromise and choose between the comfort of a city apartment and the delights of living in nature. If you correctly approach the issues of organizing life support systems, then living in a country house will be no less convenient than in the center of a […]