rating of the best models from three manufacturers

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 11 min Views 2.4k. Our compatriots, as a rule, get acquainted with the latest climate technology that has appeared on the Russian market from commercials, manufacturers’ promotions, from reviews of happy (unfortunate) owners and rumors. We decided to replenish the niche of independent information and present to your attention a […]

rating of TOP 10 models of 2021, review, pros and cons, as well as characteristics

[ad_1] The dehumidifier is a new step in the field of climatic equipment. Functional device installed in the house allows you to get rid of excess air humidity in a short period of timewithout wasting a lot of energy or energy. When choosing a home assistant, you should pay attention to models from trusted manufacturers […]

Which heater to choose for the garage: how to do it, the best models

[ad_1] Car enthusiasts who spend a lot of time in the process of repairing and caring for their car, with the advent of winter time, often find it difficult to decide which heater to choose for the garage. The ideal model should meet your individual needs, which depend on the area of ​​u200bu200bthe heated room, […]

Home quartz lamp: how to use, best models, reviews

[ad_1] With the help of household quartz lamps, rooms are disinfected, separate devices are designed for local irradiation of the skin and mucous membranes. The devices are intended for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. They must be used strictly according to the instructions. What is quartzing? Quartzization is called disinfection by ultraviolet light. Its source can […]

Air ionizer for a newborn: choice, characteristics and popular models

[ad_1] An ionizer is a device for saturating oxygen with ions. As a result of ionization, the air in the room becomes fresh, as, for example, by the sea or in the forest. In an urban environment, a rather small production of ions is observed, but their amount can be replenished at home with the […]

Air ionizers for home and office: how to choose, the best models

[ad_1] There are many devices on the home appliance market that can improve indoor air quality. These include ionizers. Thanks to them, the air is enriched with negative oxygen ions, which brings it closer to the natural composition. When choosing a device, it is important to consider several important aspects. What is an air ionizer? […]

Tobacco smoke air purifier: types, principle of operation, popular models

[ad_1] The premises often accumulate a lot of harmful substances and unpleasant odors. Particular attention should be paid to tobacco smoke, which is present in the apartment, even if there are no smokers in the family. A special air purifier, designed specifically for this purpose, helps to cope with the misfortune. The essence of the […]

Bathroom dehumidifier: what it is, how it works, types, selection options, overview of models

[ad_1] The bathroom is a space in the house with high humidity. In order for moisture not to interfere with life and health, it must be drained, otherwise it threatens the formation of fungus and mold on the walls. For these purposes, a dehumidifier is used, since it effectively destroys excess moisture and filters the […]

≋ TOP 20 air conditioners: the best models

[ad_1] With a huge selection of climate technology on the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult for ordinary people to buy an air conditioner that best suits their requirements. In stores you can find a wide range of all kinds of devices from different countries of production, which differ in the basic principles of operation, […]

Air dehumidifier for the pool: types, parameters, principle of operation, popular models

[ad_1] High humidity is a “painful” problem of rooms with swimming pools, the cause of which is intensive evaporation. To solve it, there is an air dryer — a set of freon units assembled in one housing, the purpose of which is to extract moisture from the air masses and maintain its optimal level. Purpose […]