Mitsubishi Electric opens new factory in Turkey

[ad_1] On December 12, 2017, a new Mitsubishi Electric plant was opened in Turkey. Production occupies an area of ​​40,000 square meters. The new plant with an area of ​​40,000 square meters is located on the territory of the city of Manisa. Its favorable location, close to the major international port of Izmir in the […]

Air purification from bacteria, viruses, dust and allergens in Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners

[ad_1] The new generation of air conditioners from Mitsubishi Electric illustrated cutting-edge science. Air conditioners of this brand purify the air not only from harmful pollutants, but also from microorganisms that provoke the occurrence of various diseases. Bacteria passing through air conditioner filters are destroyed. Viruses under the influence of a specially created magnetic field […]

≋ Mitsubishi Electric Innovative Solutions • New Generation Differences

[ad_1] The Kyoto Protocol, adopted in 1997, led the EU to tighten the requirements for CO2 emissions, which by 2020 must be reduced by at least 20%. These restrictions also affected all types of climate technology. The emission requirements, which will come into force on January 1, 2018, cover both equipment manufactured in the EU […]

BT PRO LIMITED EDITION 2020 — the cheapest inverter air conditioners MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC

[ad_1] Published 06/15/2020 Article author Anastasia Belousova Project Manager Ask a question to a specialist A wide range of products of the famous brand MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC has been replenished with a new series of inverted split systems — BT Pro Limited Edition. The main difference between the samples of manufactured products is high performance and […]

Heating cottages with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries heat pumps

[ad_1] Published 11/01/2018 Article author Artur Tarasov CEO, expert in air conditioning, ventilation, humidification systems Ask a question to a specialist Heating problems are becoming more and more critical. Gas is included in the category of not cheap, electric is completely dependent on power supply, central is also not the most reliable due to emerging […]

What is remarkable about Japanese Mitsubishi refrigerators?

[ad_1] Modern household Mitsubishi refrigerators are still, as in the middle of the twentieth century, considered one of the most high-tech refrigerators. Traditionally, refrigerators of this brand belong to premium household appliances. They are produced at two plants of the Mitsubishi corporation — in Japan and in Thailand. In Russian retail chains of household appliances, […]