The most common mistakes when drafting a ventilation system

[ad_1] When designing a ventilation system, avoid the following mistakes. If they are allowed at the initial stage of work, then the already finished system will function inefficiently, cause losses, and in the end it may be necessary to dismantle it, which will nullify all the work done. In order for the ventilation system to […]

The most common mistakes when choosing a thermal curtain

[ad_1] Many buyers, when choosing a suitable thermal curtain, make mistakes that during operation will lead to drafts, temperature imbalance, increased background noise and increased energy costs. Below is a list of these errors. Familiarization with the list will help you avoid annoying shortcomings. one. The height or length of the opening was calculated incorrectly. […]

≋ XX mistakes when repairing an apartment • Why you don’t need to rush with repairs.

[ad_1] Repair, despite the troublesome and financial costs, is quite a pleasant thing, because the result is worth it. Soon after the repair work, you will find yourself in a cozy, beautiful, comfortable apartment, in which it is a pleasure to stay and live. But it is not enough just to carry out repair activities, […]

what not to forget when developing • What to consider in the design of the apartment in order to avoid possible mistakes

[ad_1] Those who decide to start developing design in an apartment should know that this is a responsible and complex undertaking that requires certain skills and abilities. This is not just a repair work, but also careful planning and modeling of all components. In addition, the design should be comfortable and convenient, fit the lifestyle […]

10 Mistakes When Designing VRF Air Conditioning Systems

[ad_1] Published 02.11.2018 Article author Vyacheslav Safonov Project Manager, Corporate and Tender Procurement Expert Ask a question to a specialist Old air conditioning systems are long gone, and they have been replaced by a new generation of VRF, which is distinguished by a fairly high quality, durability and performance. The abbreviation stands for Variable Refrigerant […]

Mistakes in the selection of ventilation equipment

[ad_1] To create an effective ventilation system, it is not enough to choose the right equipment. It is also necessary to complete the project, and then mount all the nodes so that there are no system problems in operation. Unfortunately, designers and installers do not pay much attention to some supposedly trifles, but this is […]

TOP 5 mistakes when choosing a thermal curtain

[ad_1] ↵ Back to main post Humans tend to make mistakes. One unfortunate mistake when choosing an air curtain can remind you of itself in the future with drafts, temperature imbalance, excessive noise and irrational energy costs. It turns out that when choosing a thermal curtain, the lion’s share of potential buyers step on the […]

TOP 5 mistakes when choosing a wine cabinet

[ad_1] Do you need a wine cabinet Top 5 mistakes when choosing About additional functionality Do you need a wine cabinet They say that a wine collection is a great investment, because good wine only becomes more expensive with age. This statement is true only under the condition of proper storage. So, glass bottles cannot […]

TOP 7 mistakes when designing a ventilation system

[ad_1] Mistakes made in the process of designing a ventilation system can not only cause discomfort for those who are users of this system, but also lead to direct losses and even the need to completely dismantle an already created system. Mistake #1, Lack of space Mistake #2, Missing Necessary Nodes Mistake No. 3, Lack […]