Chimney for a gas boiler: design and maintenance

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 6 min Views 1.7k. The chimney is an integral part of any heating or digester in which the heating of the coolant occurs after check fuel combustion. It is thanks to the draft created in the chimney that the combustion products are discharged into the atmosphere. Most owners of private […]

Household dehumidifier — 3 maintenance factors

[ad_1] Bought a dehumidifier for your home, but don’t know how to properly care for it? So this article is for you. It should be said right away that this climate control equipment is very simple and unpretentious in maintenance. Therefore, to maintain it in working order, it will take a minimum of your time, […]

Cleaning and maintenance services for air conditioners in Moscow

[ad_1] Cleaning the air conditioner is a service procedure that must be performed without fail. If you need air conditioner cleaning in Moscow, you can use the services of the Leon Group company, which has been able to prove itself from the best side, offering customers a high level of service. The company provides a […]

Maintenance of ventilation systems

[ad_1] When operating ventilation systems, it is necessary to be guided by the temperature regulations for each specific room separately. The system must do a good job of removing used air and replacing it with fresh air from outside. The operation of ventilation includes the installation of the system itself and periodic maintenance, which should […]

Calculation of the cost of maintenance of air conditioners and ventilation

[ad_1] The cost of maintaining air conditioners and ventilation systems depends on many factors. Much is said and written about the need for diagnostics and maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems. How not to become a victim of skilled marketers, overpaying for unnecessary features; what determines and how is the cost of maintenance of […]

Installation, maintenance and repair of gas boilers

[ad_1] Installation, maintenance and repair of a gas boiler require the participation of specialists of the highest professional level. After all, in case of improper installation or insufficient quality of work performed, you can not only cause damage to the equipment and lose the manufacturer’s warranty. A gas leak can lead to a fire and […]