Daikin chillers and fan coil units for the perfect indoor climate

[ad_1] Corporation chillers are the product of the most advanced technologies. This allows for the highest energy efficiency with compact dimensions, ease of installation and operation. Maintaining the temperature of the coolant in them remains stable at any level of variable thermal load. That is why Daikin refrigeration units are successfully used in industries as […]

Humidifier for indoor plants: which device is better

[ad_1] Author Evgeny Aprelev Reading 4 min Views 6.7k. Megacities are the brainchild of our civilization. Cities grow, merge with each other, forming huge settlements in which very little space is allotted to nature. It is in order to be closer to nature that many residents of large cities arrange winter gardens on their heated […]

Optimal indoor climate and humidity

[ad_1] To date, almost everyone was able to appreciate all the advantages of plastic windows. They have a high level of noise and heat insulation, they are easy to operate, do not require special care and have an aesthetic design that lasts for many years. Due to the tightness of the structure, energy saving and […]

Dehumidifier in an indoor pool — what role does it play

[ad_1] One of the main tasks of indoor pools is to maintain air humidity within the normal range, which ideally should be decided at the time of building design. Why is the problem relevant for absolutely all owners? Since in such buildings there is a large quadrature of the water mirror (18-50 m2) and an […]

Installation of the indoor unit of the air conditioner • Where is it better to install: recommendations

[ad_1] Installing the indoor unit of an air conditioner is a process that requires care and precision. In order not to make a mistake, you should strictly follow the recommendations prescribed in the operating instructions for the device. Each model of the climate device has its own characteristics and differences: In the number of functions; […]

Why is indoor air worse than outdoors? How to deal with it?

[ad_1] It is known that indoor air quality is significantly inferior to outdoor air quality. According to research, the following main reasons are known: 1) increased dust content, 2) increased content of gaseous chemicals (coming from interior items and people), 3) reduced number of ions, 4) suboptimal humidity, 5) microbiological contamination. Contrary to popular belief, […]